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June 2009



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Jun. 7th, 2009

(no subject)

             It is so annoying that finals are cumulative, because you have to re-learn all this material that you spent half a year learning and at the end of the year. It also doesn’t help that the teachers are all trying to cram in as much as they can because they realize that they didn’t teach us enough, so we also have to learn that too. I’m glad that school gets out at like 12 because then I’ll have some time to re-learn half a years work of material.


            I really don’t want to go on a walk with my mother and sister but I have to because I need exercise. Sometimes I wish my mother would just let me be, but then would I be fat and not do what she makes me do or would I do it more willingly because she’s not telling me to it? During winter break I was home alone for 2 days and I had this urge to clean the house, it was weird because I usually hate cleaning. It made me think about how maybe when people tell me to do things it makes me hate them, I think I should share my theory with my mom.


            My exchange student is leaving in three weeks and even though I know that I haven’t been sad about it yet. Right now I’m listening to “For Good” from “Wicked” which is our song because it talks about two friends seperating and learning from each other. There is this one line, “Like a handprint on my heart” I love that line because it really is what has happened. She’s like an older sister and I’ve learned so much from her and no matter what her handprint will be on my heart and I know this sounds cheesy but whatever.


            I’ve decided to go to Norway for a year after high school, learn about a different culture and explore the world. Well I was to go to Norway but apparently my mom wants me to go to India or somewhere really different, which will make a great argument topic. Can’t wait.


            I wonder what would happen if I just didn’t do well in school and didn’t try and focused my time on something that would actually benefit the world, like raising money for the poor children in Ecuador or Burmese awareness. Wouldn’t that be a make better use of my time?


            I wonder my parents are the way they are, and what I don’t know about them. I wonder how much of my life I’m going to share with my children, because there are some things that I wouldn’t want my kids to know because they would know me in one of my darkest times. My dad’s past is completely unknown to me, but I know about my mom’s childhood, I think that my dad is just a very guarded person who doesn’t share that much.


            I love Twilight the writing sucked and all, but for some reason it was a really entertaining book that I just couldn’t put down. It also made me realize that pale people can be hot, I used to think that pale people were not very attractive but if I see a guy that looks like a vampire then I think they’re really hot. It’s interesting what a book can do to you.After I read The DaVinci Code I started questioning the Christian religion. The power of books is a lot greater then expected. I’ve been going to church since I was four and all of a sudden I didn’t know if I believed everything I had ever been told. At one point I even wanted to be a nun.


            Nature vs. Nurture is a really interesting idea, because siblings are often so different. My sister and I are polar opposites, she is really mature for her age and serious whereas I am really immature and I’m always laughing and messing around. She’s 4 years younger than me, I wonder why we’re so different. Today we went on a walk and I was pretending to fall and rolling on people’s grass while she calmly walked along and laughed at me, like a normal child.


             I think this year has been a really big learning year, but not intellectual learning, learning about myself and the world around me. It has been filled with tears and laughter and it should be interesting to look back on it. Its crazy to think that in two years I’ll be getting ready to graduate and move away from home and all my friends. I know I’ll be really sad, but it will be time for everyone to separate and grow up. It is important to get away after high school and become independent, I think that those people who stay at home and don’t do anything are wasting time by staying with their friends and acting like its high school just without the school. 

May. 31st, 2009

Ana's Day Off


         The sun shining through the curtains would lightly awaken me. The fresh scent of blooming flowers will rush through the windows and energize me for exciting day to come. I’ll prance to the closet and turn on the radio, which will be playing my favorite song of the day “Echo” by Gorilla Zoe. Julie would let me borrow anything from her closet so I would be looking really cute, probably wearing a dress or shorts so that I could get tan. Jessica would knock on my door as soon as I was done getting ready, and we would leave the house and walk to the park to play some soccer. We would be in New York because it’s super exciting there.

         We would start in Manhattan where we would jack some segways from some tourists who were too busy getting bagel to notice us. We would ride down to the Empire State building and race up the stairs to the top, where we would collapse and eat our freshly baked bagels that we had bought before we stole the segways. Once we were done looking at the city, we would play elevator tag with some really hot guys we met. After our exciting game of tag, we would say goodbye to our new friends and exit the empire state building. Once we were outside we would decide that ice cream would be a good idea since it was pretty hot out. As soon as we find an ice cream truck we realize that the driver is one of the guys we just met and that they own the ice cream truck. They teach Jessica and I how to drive it, and leave it to us for a day so that they can have a day off; we are allowed to have as much free ice cream as we desire.

         After selling ice cream for half an hour we decide its time to do something useful with the ice cream truck, so we drive that bad boy down to Central Park. We park the truck in a very inconspicuous place and walk down the path; the trees arcing their branches above us to create a bit of cool shade for us to stroll in. Spurts of water blaze ahead of us, calling to us. We throw ourselves into the water and jump around as the musicians around us play “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. After cooling down a bit we would come across paddleboats and kayaking in a lake in Central Park. Jessica and I would hop into a kayak and use our buff arms to paddle us around the lake until our arms hurt. Then we would stealthily sneak the kayak out of the lake and run where our strategically placed ice cream truck and stick our canoe on the back. We would then drive our truck down to the shoreline and get ready to embark on a long journey to Coney Island. We would stock up on ice cream and put a lot of ice in the kayak so that it wouldn’t melt too fast.

         We would paddle until our arms were sore and then take an ice cream break. Once we got there we would be so ready to go on rides and relax on the beach and work on our tans. The bright colors of the rides and fluorescent lights would make us spin, but we would still run into the park and get in for free since we bribed the ticket salesman with a kayak full of free ice cream. After almost peeing in our pants we would head down to the beach and relax in warm sand. Thankfully we would have stashed some ice cream so we would still have creamy goodness to eat while we watched the sun set. After dark we would enjoy the amusement park with its bright lights and our helicopter would come just as the clock struck twelve and carry us, and our kayak, back to Manhattan.  

May. 25th, 2009

(no subject)

             Although many may criticize the CW’s hit series, ‘Gossip Girl’, I believe it is a show that is beneficial to all ages and can be used a bonding material for families. The critics rant about the lewd content of the show but if viewed properly, it could be used as a guide to raising teenagers. It deals with inevitable aspects of teenage life and watching these situations play out is beneficial to parents and teens so they can discuss what is to come. The show provides thought-out solutions to the problems, although they often use private investigators, it teaches parents how to deal with all the problems their children are facing. It also shows those who do not have to deal with Upper East Side life how fortunate we are. It is a useful tool that has been negatively misinterpreted by the public.


            Rumors are a source of many problems in high school and Gossip Girl, hence the name, revolves around rumors. The protagonists of the show are always victim to these vicious rumors and they have to find creative ways to stop the rumors or create a rumor greater than the one about them, these solutions are all very effective and bring a bit of color to life.  Drama in high school is unavoidable, but with the guidance of Gossip Girl teenagers can learn how to trick a backstabbing, cocaine addicted bitch to fall under the orders of her parents and go to rehab. Parents learn that children often need their help to get them out of sticky situations, and have a disposable couple hundred thousand dollars comes in handy, especially if your child almost gets kicked out of their private school more than four times. It is also beneficial for parents to know that if they cannot afford the designer clothes, they should buy they daughter a sewing machine and teach her how to copy the latest trends so that she can earn popularity through her creative designs.


            This show also puts the world in perspective for those middle class folks. Already having the pressures of raising children, having jobs, inheriting millions, and keeping up with the latest fashions; they are also cursed with having to keep their name clean and making sure their kids don’t tarnish their reputation. In one episode, a protagonist’s mother must pay millions of dollars to keep her daughter’s name out of the gossip circles. She has to sacrifice her relationship with her daughter and watch over her. Although some may argue that she should have let her daughter deal with the consequences, it is clear that the mother had to do this in order to give her daughter the socialite life that she deserves.


            Gossip Girl serves as guide to raising teenage children, and incorporates all aspect of teenage life and goes into detail of problem solving, The situations are almost exaggerated so it makes it easier to deal with the not-so-glamorous situations most people with face.

May. 17th, 2009

(no subject)


         This picture is very interesting and I think it addresses predicaments we face in life. Your first thought is that the picture is of a pipe and that it is a very straightforward picture, but then it is bluntly stated that what you thought a pipe is not. This leaves us puzzled because of course it is a pipe, but the artist obviously thought differently; it makes you think about what else it could be. I compare it to when there is a problem and there is an answer that seems so clear, but you can’t solve the problem this way, so we are left confused and have a moment of panic, because of course the picture is a pipe and the answer is so apparent, yet it is not possible. So then a person either has to leave and decide to forget the problem or try to find another way to answer the question. I chose it because at first I thought it wasn’t that great, but the more I thought about it the more it made me think about what he was trying to say and how the author’s intent was so obvious, but there had to be other versions of it and I couldn’t see them. Which related to the picture, because I would have to find another way to look at it. I think the picture forces you to use your imagination, something that we begin to lose as we grow older and older. I think he chose a pipe to be the object in question because it is an object everyone recognized and can’t be confused with something else. A small child could tell you that the picture was of a pipe, but as it says it is not a pipe, so then what is it? It is up to the viewer to decide whether they want to think about what else it could be or decide if they don’t care and walk away. I really like it because it makes me think about his intent and what it means to me and how it is different for other people. I think the font that “this is not a pipe” is written in a playful font that kind of challenges the viewer and is meant to tease them. I think that the image is meant to be blunt at first, but then when you think about it, it becomes much more complicated and hard to decipher. 

May. 3rd, 2009


 The whirr of the planes engine purred in my ears as my sister and I rolled our suitcases down crowded aisle, occasionally brushing someone’s face with our pillows. Our eyes skimmed the back row for a pair of seats. My sister sprang forward, excited to have found empty seats so soon. Once seated and comfortable, her bubbly voice spoke of what we would do once we had arrived in Chicago. Bouncing my leg, I began to skim the pages of the trashy magazine my sister and I had decided on. My sister peered out the winder, tapping her long fingers on the armrest, awaiting take off. The speakers crackled and the pilot instructed us to sit in an upright position and prepare for take off.

“Can I lie on your shoulder if I want to sleep?” My sister shifted her slight body so her head was inclined towards me.

“No, you’ll drool me.” I said, sarcasm dripping off every word. She scoffed and leaned her head against the chair. Light gleamed out of her eyes as she thought about seeing our cousins. Two hours later my sister and I had discussed the current fashion trends, why Angelina and Brad were cuter than Jen and Brad, and which one of us had a better celebrity name. A wail erupted, and me sister and I jerked our heads to see who was causing the terrible disruption. A small boy with dark hair sat in the seat behind us, reaching his chubby hand towards the sandwich his mother was nibbling at. We peered around the corner of the seat, momentarily distracted from the butterflies doing a Scottish jig in our stomach.

My sister’s eyes widened, the corner of her eyes crinkling with the prospect of laughter. “Is that boy,” she paused, barely able to keep the laughter from bubbling over, “not wearing pants!” She finally let the laughter pour out, creating a loud splash of enjoyment for the plane to hear. After my sister wiped the tears, we began to make up a song about his adorable, pant-less boy and the other odd people on the plane.  It went something like this:

There is a small boy behind us

He has no pants on

No no no pants

We do not know where they went

Perhaps the lady who looks like her sandwich stole them

But he does not have his pants on

And it does smell kind of funny

Oh he has no pants on, no pants on…

Apr. 19th, 2009

(no subject)

 1. My auntie Ann would be the most inspiring person in my life, although if I didn’t have time to think about the question I probably would have chosen I mom. She is three years older than my mom and was the second youngest of six. Her siblings were all very intelligent in school but she always struggled except in art. It wasn’t until high school that they figured out that she was dyslexic, which was a huge relief because she knew that there a reason she wasn’t like everyone in her family. I can relate to her in this way but on a much smaller scale because when I was elementary school I struggled a lot with reading and math and the only thing I was good at was art. I finally caught up with my class, but it comforts me to know that there was someone in my family who felt the same way, and she was always very supportive of me. Her work is similar to what I hope I will one day do. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and works with the inner city kids in one of the poorest neighborhoods. She has provided free after-school services for years and gives kids a chance to do art, act, and have a loving environment which they may not have at home. I went to help her at her summer camp last year and I was amazed at the respect all the kids had for her, she was able to connect with these troubled kids and they confided in her. I feel like the work that she does is so important in our world and she doesn’t care that her income is small which I find very admirable, as our society is centered on the profit.


2. If I had 10,000 oh baby it would be a very fun weekend. Well I’m going to pretend I couldn’t put it in savings because I would if I could because that’s what I’m supposed to do. I would buy a plane ticket to Norway and spend a fantastic weekend with my exchange student Julie. I would pay her back all the money she spent on me, which would be about $300 dollars so that feel good, kind of. We would go shopping, get our nails done, the works, and then go out for some delicious Norwegian food. Then our limo would take us to a little chocolate boutique and we would indulge ourselves very greatly. I would buy a year’s worth of candy because they have quality chocolate there. That night we would sleep (or not sleep) in a very nice hotel and get room service. I hope that I get this money when I’m 18 or older because the drinking age in Norway is 18 so we would have some very nice champagne. The rest of the money I would send to my cousin in Ecuador so that she could donate it to whatever foundation she is working for at the moment.


3. This has selfish reasoning, but I would change our decision to enter Iraq and declare war on them. Of course this way we could save thousands of innocent lives and the destruction of a country, but it would also benefit our country in ways as well. For example, the recession and all then money we don’t have that’s being sent to Iraq. I feel that if we weren’t spending billions of dollars on the war our economy would be doing better because we would have money to pay for our needs. Our education system would, in theory, be better because more money would be available. I’m really mad that so much of our money is going to a war that so many of us oppose and that people on both sides are losing loved ones to a hopeless war. I feel that I would have more opportunities educations wise if all of our money wasn’t in Iraq and it isn’t fair that my, and my peers’, education suffers because of a decision that many of us disagreed with.


4. Facebook. I don’t know if that counts as an invention, but I would un-invent it because this way I would probably be doing better in school. I know that I could just not go on Facebook, but its easier said than done. It feels like I’m missing something I don’t go on because so much happens in the day of a teenager. I got over MySpace so I know that wouldn’t be an issue, and maybe there would be something similar. Facebook is very distracting because obviously I would rather be talking to my friends than doing homework, and now that so much of our homework is online, it’s easy to have Facebook open and pretend that your doing your homework. The  amount of things your can do on Facebook is countless so it is really easy to stay on for hours. If there wasn’t this distraction I would get bored and do my homework earlier and more efficiently.


5. The film ‘Center Stage’ resembles a very large part of my life, ballet. The main character is an 18 year-old girl named Jodie Sawyer who gets into the American Ballet Academy year intensive program, the American Ballet School is very prestigious and it is very difficult to get in. I’m not saying that I was amazing at all, but I had potential and dancing was my passion. Her parents were not thrilled of the idea of their daughter choosing ballet over college and try to convince her to go to college. My mom was more supportive about ballet, but if I ever said I wanted to dance professionally she would get this panicked look in her eyes and she would go on about options and how school was always a solid option. Her father says at point that he was “against [ballet] from the start” just as my dad was. I got lectured everyday for about a year to quit and about how I was wasting my time, but I continued to dance. During the program she is repetitively told that she doesn’t have what it takes and she internally tells herself she isn’t good enough. The director of the company calls her in and tells her that she doesn’t have the feet or the body to be a professional. I was never told this, but the image of what a real ballerina looked like was engrained in our young minds. This is a huge part of why I quit and in the end she walks away from the prospect of being a classical ballerina. The pressure to look and be certain way is so immense that it easily swallows you up, and it takes a step back to see that everything you are supposed to have, and want if you do not posses it, may not be worth who you are.


6. The list is long, but I’m going to have to go with Tres Leches cake. Just thinking about it makes me want to hop on a plane and go to Mexico. 

Apr. 12th, 2009

(no subject)

 Move On Up- Curtis Mayfield

The introduction to this song has a lot to do with why it is one of my favorites. It is in “Bend It Like Beckham” which is one of my favorite movies but the song reminds me of soccer and how amazingly exhilarating the game can be. But the lyrics also give me a certain mind set and set the mood to keep going no matter what obstacles may come, I know it sounds cheesy but I think everyone needs a little cheese now and then.

“Hush now child/ and don't you cry/Your folks might understand you/ by and by/ Move on up/ towards your destination/ You may find from time to time complications” At this point in my life my parents and I seem to have drifted and I think they forget what it was like to be a teenager and there are times, which I hate, when I have to just let it go and do what they tell me so that I can keep going on with life and not get caught on something insignificant to the bigger picture of my life. The main message of this song is not to get stuck on the small things in life and keep moving on regardless of what complications emerge. “Bight your lip and take a trip” This part of the song relates to the many times that I have to restrain myself from talking back to teachers or ignorant adults, sometimes in the form of my parents, but I know it will only hurt me in the end.

Though there may be wet road ahead/ You cannot slip “So move on up and peace you will find/ Into the steeple of beautiful people/ Where there's only one kind” This speaks of always looking on the bright side of situations and finding the silver lining of every situation. The peace is found through this optimistic out look on life. The beauty of these people lays in their positive out look on life. The song urges you to find people with these characteristics, which I do. And although there are times when I am moody and mean, I tend to be very lighthearted and jovial.

So hush now child and don't you cry/ Your folks might understand you by and by/ Just move on up “and keep on wishing/ Remember your dreams are your only schemes” The plans in life are built according to your dreams. So to keep on wishing is to keep expanding you dreams and what you make of your life. There is no limit if you can plan the way to achieve your goals.

So keep on pushing/ Take nothing less - not even second best/ “And do not obey -

you must have your say” This line is at the end of the song which I think means that you have achieved what you wanted and don’t let people tell you what to do because after all the hard the work you have put in, you deserve to have what you created the way you wanted.

You can past the test

Move on up


Inner Smile- Texas

This song talks about a person and all the great qualities they find in the singer, and although it can be interpreted as a romantic relationship, I’ve chosen the person to be a very close friend. This song’s upbeat rhythm and lighthearted tone reflects a certain mood I sometimes have. “Yeah, yeah, yeah/ You gave me something/ Like loving/ And took me in so soon /You took my feelings from nothing/ Came back at noon/ Just meet me/ I'm ready/ To show myself to you” This part relates to the beginning of the relationship with my exchange student and now close friend because she showed me love and acceptance quickly and created an environment which let me be myself and I never attempted to be something I wasn’t it. I already have a hard time opening to people but she was able to find trust in me that I didn’t realize I had and she was there “at noon” and any other time I needed her. “So if I lose my patience/ You must try to understand/ If I lose my patience/ Ooooh yeaaaaaaaah” Well this is very relevant because I often snapped at her and was very moody and she completely understood, and it went both ways. But this just strengthens our relationship because we understand and accept the bad each other’s qualities. “Cause you make me feel/ Cause you make me feel wild/ You touch my inner smile/ You got me in the mood/ So come and make your rule/ And free me” As a teenager there are times when I feel that I am often restricted by expectations, parent, homework, and society but there are times when I let go and just enjoy life and this year with Julie (my exchange student) I’ve been able to find this freedom much more easily. My inner smile would be just me in my happiest moments and this relates to the freedom.

You make my wishes/ As much as/ Your kisses make me blue/ You've found my river/ Now will you/ Escape away too/ But baby I'm ready I'm falling into you / So if I lose my patience/ You must try to understand/ If I lose my patience/ ooooh yeaaaaaaah Free me

Free me/ Cause you make me feel wild/ You touch my inner smile/ You got me in the mood/ So come and make your rule/ And touch my inner smile/ Come get my inner smile, smile, smile. “Sometimes I need to be alone/ There's times I need for you to phone/

Sometimes you make me feel so high/ There's times I ask myself why” My myriad moods and the speed at which they emerge would probably frustrate many but those who are able to deal with them and be there when I need are the people who have my respect and understand me, which I didn’t think was possible.  The lyrics show a bunch of different emotions and the fact that someone is able to be there when needed relates to how they are also able to make the singer feel free and it’s hard for the singer to believe that such a person can exist. I’m not in total awe, but I’m defiantly grateful for the few that have these qualities.

No More- Flipsyde

This song represents the more serious side of my personality and a mindset that I often have, although no one really sees it. When I look around the world with a cynical eye and witness all of the pain and suffering of the world and I wonder if there is really a point to life because no matter what happens there will be hardship and unfair situations. It highlights many of the problems that I find important in our society.

“From the womb to the world from the world to the grave from the grave to the heavens and my spirit” The song starts with one of the primary cycles when looked at from a distance. There is life, then death, and then whatever happens after death and this is what happens no matter what. Then a new and more complicated but real cycle is shown.  From the liquor to the drugs to the police and the thugs to my prayers and hope that he hears it/ “Little kids in the street/ Never sleep never eat/ Carry burdens of their mommas' and the papas’” The kids who are in terrible situations are born into their parents mistakes and they have to deal with them, which is not fair because there is nothing that these innocent kids could have done to prevent it. These children are often the thugs that are talked about before and some of the main factors that led them this point was them having to deal with the mistakes of their parents and grow up quickly. To the hell on this Earth/ Gettin' hot gettin' worse Cause were cursed nobody can stop us “Take a look see the sights that I've seen/ See the lust see the greed jealousy and killin'/ Walk the walk that I've walked/ All alone in the dark overtaken by this feelin' that I'm feelin'” I know I am so fortunate to have the life I live, but I have seen terrible things and although I have not lived through them, they hurt me in other ways. This speaks of seeing these horrors and the motivations of many of the tragedies of our world. Yet many people choose to ignore it and the singer invites you to see what he’s seen because he knows many choose to pass it by. The feeling of hopelessness that there is nothing you can do to help change these situations takes him over and he is alone because he knows many choose not acknowledge what goes on. Touch the hand that I've touched In the night what a rush turning blue so could and breathless/ See the bars and the chains on your wrist on your brain/ Feel the pain of a grown man's death wish. 


“Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more 

Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more 

Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more 

Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more” If there is just tragedy and no way to fix it there seems to be no point in life. This isn’t supposed to sound suicidal, but it questions the purpose of our being on earth if there isn’t anything except this.

That's right little mama just keep on walkin' to school 

Don't stop and talk to them fools/ Tryin' to holla while they sippin' on brew/ Cause you're gonna lose/ “Got to stay focused keep your mind on your dreams/ Don't get hypnotized by the bling, deep inside you must believe and you'll succeed/ Cause all we're given is a chance/ They play the music and we dance/ And ain't no way to make it last if we

don't stop and listen” This phrase is a warning against messing up your one change to make a difference and succeed by being distracted by material items or something that would ruin your potential. You only have a short life to do what you want, and no time should be wasted doing something else because you never know what may happen and when your life could end. He speaks of dancing and listening to the music, which I think means taking advantage of what your given and making the best of if with your limited time.  

It could be over in a flash When you killin' for that cash Flip an Apache and blast 'em with Tomahawk missiles “Moqtada al Sadr Bin Laden Al Qaeda They all multiplyin' and hidin' and George can't find 'em/ And even if he did and killed them then another would come/ We makin' enemies faster than we could pick up a gun” This phrase makes a big impression because it addresses all the time and money and lives that have been wasted on trying to kill these people and even if he were to succeed there would be five other ready to take their places and it shows a hopelessness that I and I’m sure others feel. There is always a setback no matter what the situation is, something to block your path or send you backwards in some way or another. 

Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more 

Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more

Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more

Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more 

From my soul to my heart From the ending to the start/ In between it's an art and I live it From one person to the next/ All respect no regrets/ If you next you got it then give it/ 

Share a hug share the love we can rise up above/ “If we try we can fly up to the heavens 

All my brothers and my sisters we can make it if we listen to each other and just keep on” This string of lyrics offers hope but implies that the only way to be truly peaceful and happy is above, in the heavens or somewhere that is not here on earth. He says that by listening to each other so many problems can be solved, but that is not possible in our society but maybe somewhere else it is possible.

Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more

Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more 

Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more 

Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more 

And I can see this change comin'

And I can see this change comin'

And I can feel this change comin'

Mar. 29th, 2009

Fashion through the years

         I would say that my first fashion experience happened in my first few months of life in which my mom changed my clothes every few hours because she thought I was a doll. Having to go through so many involuntary outfit changes my shopping has limit, I get exhausted after a few hours of taking on and off a bunch of clothes. But I didn’t have to really go shopping until I was in the 7th grade since my mom thinks that clothes over $20 are crazily overpriced. So my elementary wardrobe was limited to hand-me-downs and thrift store expeditions. Kindergarten through fourth grade was all about the leggings and big tees. I had every color of leggings, some had ice skates or flowers, even trucks, usually with patches on the knee. My tee shirts all went to my mid thigh and had some paint or grass stains or them. In the summer I would expand my closet to tank tops which would never fit right because my torso was either too short or I was too fat/thin. In kindergarten I experimented with dresses but they got in the way of my usual activities. This was when I decided I was a tomboy, except on picture day, and ripped up converse were my only shoes.


            Fourth grade was a challenging year because I went from a chubby kid to a string bean so all my leggings started getting short which was devastating. Thankfully I was gifted with some old bellbottoms with smiley face patches sprinkled on them. I also received a red Mickey Mouse sweatshirt to add to my collection, except I always lost my sweatshirts so eventually my mom stopped buying me them. Fifth grade was the year of short shorts, squorts (spelling?), and tube scarves. My father was no so approving of my fashion choices so I would wear capris, pants that cut off a bit below the knee, on colder days. I had acquired a light blue shirt that said paradise in sparkles, which became my favorite shirt and I wore it as often as possible. Tee shirts were still a huge a part of my wardrobe but sometimes they would go past the shorts so tank tops seemed more practical. I didn’t believe in matching because I didn’t care about anything but being able to play kickball.


            Sixth grade took a drastic turn when I grew a few more inches and took a liking to black. I had no interest in fashion what so ever. I wore black sweaters accompanied by black yoga pants and Merrels, it was shameful time in my past and I’m glad that my parents didn’t know how to work our camera. The only thing I cared about was ballet so my hair was always up in a ponytail or in a bun. Of course I would sometimes mix it up and wear gray or maybe even a blue fleece I got for Christmas. Seventh grade I began to care about fashion, not that it improved, but I was conscious of what people were wearing and matching. I always wore specially supportive tennis shoes because my ballet teachers told me I should, and that was the year I went on my first shopping spree. I came home with a fuzzy green and blue sweater that added about ten pounds to my slim frame and gray corduroy pants. I also had a pair of stretchy striped orange/brow/beige pants that should be burned. Eighth grade was all about layering, Abercrombie, hoop earrings, and leggings with jean skirts. I was very worried with my appearance so I didn’t try anything too different and just followed the crowd. Ninth grade was pretty similar except that skinny jeans were added to my wardrobe and my black converse were the only shoes I needed.

            I’ve been through a lot of rough times and I bet I will look back on Sophmore year and laugh at what I wore. I am very fond of the sweatpants and t-shirt look, screw fashion, sometimes comfort is what you need. Skinny jeans are important and the only jeans I have that fit, and converse of course. I’ve rediscovered dresses but sadly the leggings and t-shirt fad has not come back, yet.


Mar. 22nd, 2009

(no subject)

 1. I definitely believe in karma, especially since I always call karma on people. But does seem that you actions early on in life, or even later on in life, reflect the life you have, but the intensity of the reflection greatly varies. I think that karma can be related to your consciousness so even though you think your ok with the decisions you've made, it will negatively effect you later on or there might be some part of you that knows your wrong so feel sad or angry or empty. Karma doesn't have to be reflect in actions that happen occur.

2. The political situation in many countries such as Sudan. Darfur has definitely been in the news, but ithe fact there was genocide occurring wasn't clearly said, or at least my ignorant self didn't know that until recently. People know that there are some countries that have political problems, but I don't think that the severity of these problems is clear because I did not know that people were still being massacred 

3. I would want to fly. It would make my life so much easier, I wouldn't have to follow sidewalks that curve around and indirect. Plus then I could see what's going on down below and I love seeing our world from a different perspective and you can see that the tiny things going on are so stupid in terms of the bigger picture.

4. I would invite Channing Tatum, Chace Crawford, Jesse Williams, Pocahontas, and Maria Tallcheif.
Channing Tatum would be invited for his extremely attractive physique and so that he could teach me some of his break dancing moves. Chace Crawford would be invited because I need a birthday kiss and he could tell me what it is like to be in Gossip Girl. Jesse Williams would jump out of my birthday cake and he would also be my birthday kiss, plus I could lure him with my charm and we could get married and I could stare at him and his finely chiseled features.  Pocahontas would be the most interesting because she saw what this country was like before any of the white people got here and her culture greatly interests me and I would want to find out about it. Plus, she could tell me what happened after John Smith went back to England because I didn't like Disney's ending to the movie. Maria Tallcheif would be invited because I would want to talk to her about life as a world famous ballerina and what it was like to be married to a genius, Balanchine. I would like her to teach me some of her technique but I could also ask her about what kind of life she had. It would be a really interesting day and the best Sweet 16 ever!


6. My friend Sonya Schoenberger would make a fantastic president. She is able to view political problems with her heart and mind, so she wouldn't make decision based on what she think would benefit her and her friends better or which would make a kitten happier. She is very balanced in that way. Sonya would make her own decisions and would not be a puppet, as some presidents have been in the past. Although she can be a bit stubborn, she listens to others opinions and considers altering her view if the argument is good enough. 

7. The wafting fragrance golden cookie with rick semi-sweet chocolate oozing through the center. The soft butter drift up through my nostrils so the cream and salt fill my nose. The chocolate smells rich like the Aztec emperors before the Spanish conquest, gold spilling from their pockets. They blend with the feathery lightness of the body of the cookie. The vanilla merges with the white sugar to create a stream of candied warmth that flows through the mounds of brown sugar clumping up my nasal passages.

8. I would invent a class called Drivers Ed plus auto-shop so you can make your own car by the time you have acquired your license. This way we can actually get our license and permit when we are allowed to and don't have to pay the ridiculous fee for all the tests. We would get more out of it because we would be able to see what our cars our capable of and what the use of the different part are as we create our own cars. Our parents would know that we are learning how to drive the proper way and trust us to drive. Our parents would love it because if we crashed our car, they wouldn't loose anything and we would know how to fix it if it was fixable. 

9. Last night I watched the film 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape' and there is a part towards the end of the movie when the eldest son moves all of the furniture and belongings out of his house so that he can burn the decrepit house along with his obese mother who is dead and will have to be lifted out with a crane if they wanted to bury her. He doesn't want his mother's memory to be a joke in the eyes of others so they burn the whole house. The burning is a symbol of a new beginning, getting rid of the burden of the house that always needed repairs and the mother who just eats everything. They have baggage, literally, and they remember what they have learned from their mother, but walk away with many weights lifted off their shoulders. The fire symbolizes freedom and a new beginning.

10. If our entire world doesn't kill each other with in 300 years, then yes. If we can figure out how to not blow each other up every five seconds then we will have overcome one of our biggest obstacles, so Global Warming shouldn't be too difficult in comparison. We should have been able to invent an alternate resources for gas and the technology will be greatly improved.

11. This guy wrote a song for me as a joke because he asked what he should do because he was bored over spring break last year, so I told him to write a song about me. I don't know why it's on my iPod but its called 'Ana Iz Gr8' and is on my iTunes account. But I just took it off. 

12. I hope so because I kind of want to get a good grade on the blogs because I can't seem to get As on anything else. 

Mar. 15th, 2009

Mmmm Food

            The cool surface of the metal chair temporarily relieved me from the sweltering heat of the first heat wave of early June.

The suns rays washed drowsiness over us. “You know what we should do?” I slowly drawled, “Go to Safeway and get some ice cream,” I finished my sentence and collapsed my head into my sweaty arms. My friends said nothing, and just watched me. “I’ll pay,” I reassured, and using extreme effort, stood up.

After trekking the 4 blocks to Safeway we stood in the frozen food section, bewildered by all the different flavors available. I quickly choose my favorite, Mint Chocolate Moose Tracks and begin to fantasize of the cool cream melting away in my mouth. The four sections of the title represent the four crucial components that amount to the extreme delectability.

The first section is the support of the ice cream, the foundation of an elegant house. Its flavor is strong and intense, but does not take away over power the other components. The mint ice cream is creamy and mildly sweet so that the combination of all of the elements is not excruciatingly sweet. The high fructose corn syrup adds just the right amount of unnatural flavor so that the ice cream is deeply classified as “junk food”. The mint ice cream embraces all the chocolate objects that lay within its smooth texture. A spoon is able to puncture its soft surface with ease, but there is slight resistance because the ice cream cannot be melted or it is useless. 

The next feature of the ice cream is the first chocolate product. By itself it is a thin layer of milk chocolate. The chocolate isn’t particularly good quality, but compliments the ice cream fantastically. The sweetness of the chocolate would be too intense if it were in thicker pieces, but in the ice cream these layers of chocolate spiral into the depths of the mint ice cream. This spiral draws the eater to eat the center first, so you would think that the center of the ice cream would be gone but thankfully there is a balance, which will be the next feature. The chocolate literally melts in your mouth, and the melted chocolate coating your tongue while swallowing the mint ice cream creates a contrast of subtle mint sweetness with the much more intense sweetness of chocolate. The chocolate layers are also great for pulling out and eating separately if you want a break from the cold.

The next aspects of the ice cream are the chocolate mints that are deeply burrowed along the edges of the ice cream. Getting one of these bad boys is like Christmas and New Years in a tiny circular form. The genius of this part of the ice cream is remarkable. The mint ice cream and chocolate is already amazing and combining the two is like receiving a convertible and then finding a diamond ring on the floor of your car, and then finding the matching necklace and earrings. Digging for the candy is like digging for Aztec gold that has been said to bring luck and wealth to a person for eternity, and you will not stop digging until you find the treasure. Once you have reached the treasure you realize that all the effort spent digging through the treacherous icy mountains of Mexico. The small treasure melts in your mouth after you have swallowed the ice cream portion of your bite and once the chocolate has melted, a mint filling is left to excite your taste buds. The mints can also chewed if stored if desired for an explosion of dark creamy chocolate and a light mint.  

Getting the perfect bite is necessary to enjoy the full experience of Mint Chocolate Moose Tracks. A copious amount of creamy mint ice cream is suggested along with one mint candy, if you’re lucky enough to find one, and just a small section of the chocolate spiral to ensure that you get all of the flavors in small spoonful of heaven.


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